MAYNARD DIXON (1875-1946)

An Intimate Collection: A rare group of drawings from the private collection of the artist’s granddaughter,   in untouched condition*.

Priced individually from $850-$4,500

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In a letter that accompanies each of these drawings, Dixon’s granddaughter has written,

“I am forever grateful for his skilled recording of the West’s beautiful landscapes and native peoples, so accurately they often have anthropological value.  He recorded the past, a way of life that was fast being ravaged and eliminated in his life time… It is with reluctance I am selling this collection of drawings.  I love each one of them but am hoping that whoever buys them will treasure them and appreciate my Grandfather’s skill and the clear eye he had for what he saw, an ancient culture on land we are too close to losing.”

The artist Don Perceval has written, “Maynard Dixon could get more of the West on the back of a card than most painters could put on a five foot canvas. And when sketching he used anything that could be drawn upon, cardboard, scraps of paper of any size or color, wrapping paper, the backs of bills, announcements of cards, in fact anything that was handy.  Ink, pencil or crayon, it made no difference.  Get the information down for future use and get it down directly and truthfully.”[1]

Similarly the photographer Dorothea Lange (Dixon’s second wife), said, “He would bring back a lot of things, all sketched, never anything that was done excepting as direct response to what surrounded him.  He had an extraordinary visual memory, beyond anything I have ever encountered.”[2]

This intimate group of drawings dating from 1901 to 1939, directly illustrate the skill and the honesty that were the constant foundation of Dixon’s creativity throughout his long career.

*Mitchell Brown Fine Art will be happy to facilitate any conservation deemed necessary.


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[2] MELTZER, M. (1978) Dorothea Lange: A Photographer’s Life. New York: Farrar Straus Giroux

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