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For over thirty years Mitchell Brown Fine Art has had the pleasure of offering highly confidential and personal art advisory and consulting services that encompass all aspects of collecting art:

• Acquisitions & Sales                                   • Framing

• Art market research & education                • Conservation

• Evaluation & Appraisal                               • Installation    

• Collection management                               • Insurance

• Storage                                                        • Shipping

From first-time buyers to seasoned collectors, museums, corporations, architects and interior designers, our clients are diverse.  We enjoy long-standing working relationships with a trusted network of resources and specialists throughout the art world, including direct access to numerous private collections, galleries, auction houses and working artists.

Our experience and knowledge has involved us in a broad range of American art. Our inventory has included works from the early Taos and Santa Fe painters, the Modernists, Regionalists, and Mid-West and Eastern Schools.  We are proud to have placed a great number of works by Maynard Dixon across the country.  Our expertise extends to working with contemporary art as well as with living artists.

We pride ourselves in our client relationships and welcome your inquiries.




Jeff's initial interest in art was stimulated by his observations of the Japanese esthetic while serving in the US Marine Corps in Japan.  His long career in the art world began with a foundation as a painter and graphic designer.  He received a BFA in Studio Art and Design from the University of Arizona and a MS in Art and Design from Pratt Institute in New York.

Following his studies, he worked for Ken Saco and Associates, serving as Art Director for Corporate Projects, including those with AT&T Inc., John Deere, and MGM Television.  After leaving New York, Jeff worked for museums, serving as Assistant Director of the University of Arizona Museum of Art, and as Director of the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos, New Mexico.

During his career he has been active in several local and national arts organizations and has written for numerous publications, museums and art focus groups.

MBFA had its beginning in 1985 in Tucson, with later galleries in Santa Fe and Scottsdale.  After 35 years of owning retail galleries, Jeff now works privately, focusing on discrete personalized advisement and sales.  Acquisitions are of foremost interest.




Prior to administrative work at MBFA, Janet worked as a high school teacher, mental health therapist, culinary instructor and cookbook author.  Her background includes extensive volunteer work in the fields of mental health and the arts.  She attended the University of Arizona for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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